Kill The Lights

15 huh?
Okay, let’s roll.I’l post only some because I don’t want this to end up as a huge wall of text that no one would like to read.

1)Alyssa (Clock Tower 3)
- After the events of the game she stayed home, but hired private teachers to continue her education.
- Her powers vanished just before her 20th birthday.
- She never removed stuff from her mother’s room.
- She realized that the Rooders didn’t exist just in Europe, but they were scattered around the whole world and got in touch with them.
- Her final kill was the unsent spirit of the Scissorman.

2)Daniella (Haunting Ground)
- She always felt she lacked something, but didn’t know what it was. Seeing other women in the village (sometimes she was send there to get supplies) smiling, holding hands with their partners made her wonder why she can’t feel the same. She found documents Lorezno made about her and realized she can’t feel pleasure nor pain. And also that she will never be able to have children.
- Seeing once a couple with a child made her scream and people thought she’s mentally unstable, so they chased her away. She never left the castle again.
-Daniella kept hurting herself, hoping she’d finally feel something, but that never happened.
-Riccardo always treated Daniella like rubbish and she wanted to kill him, but Lorenzo forbid it.

3) Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil 0)
- After the events of the game she asked to be relocated, she wanted to forget about the horror.
- 7 years later she got reunited with Billy who lived in the north of the country under a new name. 
- Both kept fighting the zombies, but never joined any organization like B.S.A.A.

4) Manuela Hidalgo (RE: Darkside Chronicles)
- She used the money that belonged to her father to help people who were hurt by Javier’s action.
-She never returned to her country and remained in the US, working with the scientists on a cure, her blood was very useful in research.
- She met Leon couple of times again and even though he told her what Krauser did, she still felt sorry for him.

5) Scissorwoman Jemima (Clock Tower 3)
- Her and her brother had parents from China.
- At the moment of her death she was 20.
- She had less victim than her brother, it was because some executions were public and required cutting off the victim’s head with an axe and “sadly” Jemima wasn’t strong enough to wield it.
- She was fond of small animals and birds.

6) Sakuya (Kuon)
- She took little Utsuki home and treated her like a younger sister.
- Abe no Seimei visited her couple of times, mostly because she was curious about Utsuki, but still she was pleased to see Sakuya becoming a powerful exorcist.
- Sakuya taught Utsuki the art of exorcising. 
- Couple of years later Sakuya got her own group of students, almost all of them were girls.

7) Journalist Robin(Manhunt)
- She spent a year in a mental hospital before the doctors finally decided she can leave.
- Yet she still had to take strong medication to be able to sleep at night.
- Robin kept investigating the snuff ring Starkweather created and managed to find more people involved in it, yet Mr. Nasty’s identity was a mystery. 
- She tried to find Cash, but failed. Although she was sure he’s okay.

8) Rikku (Final Fantasy X)
- She got Auron’s Masamune, but it took her a longer while to be able to fight with it.
- Al Bhed didn’t believe in anything like the Farplane, but from time to time she would go there, to see the image of Auron and tell stories about how much she can kick ass with his word.
- After Tidus returned she spend some time with him and Yuna, but then left to travel around Spira on her own.

9) Captain Vladimir (No More Heroes)
- He got lost in space during his third journey there. The rest of his crew died while returning back to Earth.
- He never had a wife or children, he didn’t have time for it.
- Age when he met Travis: 81
- Born in Vladivostok.

10) Tayuya (Naruto)
- Her parents were killed by Orochimaru while she was a newborn.
- The technique she used belonged to her family, of course she never knew about it, since Orochimaru stole those.
- Sometimes she would sneak into other towns to watch families spending time together.
- No one has ever seen her cry.

11) Margaret Moonlight (No More Heroes)
- Age: 22 
- She has Greek blood, her mother is from Cyprus, yet she has blonde hair and blue eyes like her father, who is an American.
- Knows Japanese on a intermediate level which helps her buying clothes and accessories.
- Met Alice during one assassination mission and soon they became close friends. 
- Had plans to remain pure till she gets married.
- Loves tea with rose syrup.
(I could go on, but it’s already a wall of text).

12) Milla Vodello (Psychonauts)
- She has an apartment which is as colourful as her mind. 
- Met Edgar at some point after the game and felt in love with his art. He made some paintings for her. Including one portait ofher with Sasha.
- She tried to teach Sasha how to dance, but he’s not too good at it. At least he made an effort.
- She was the one who asked Sasha out for a date.
- Still thinks of Raz as a small child even though he’s already a Psychonaut.

13) Alice Liddel (Alice Madness Returns)
- Left London after the event of the game and using the money she inherited she bought a small house in Wales.
- She still escapes into Wonderland to find peace of mind, yet she fears her fragile sanity might damage it.
- She couldn’t get her bunny toy back, so she got herself  new ones. One of them she left on her sister’s grave.
- Alice visits her family grave once a month, she would do it more often, but she can’t since she lives far away from it.
- Feeling guilty she never helped the other children, she kept herself occupied by finding them a better place.

14) Shinobu (No More Heroes)
- Continuing her father’s work she produced new training videos.
- She never quit being an assassin, she liked to fight and the money was too good.
- She decided to continue education and went to college.
- And one day she saw Travis again, a shadow of a man she knew once, completely devastated by the fact the woman he sacrificed so much for left him.

15) Justine (Amnesia)
- After the events of the game she kept seducing more men and changing them into monsters.
- Her father did molest her when she was younger.
- Clarice never found out what Justine was doing in the basement.


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